Motivational Monday – Avoid Prfection at All Costs

I really want you to think about this and really change your thinking and view point on what organizing looks like before you even begin another organizing project.

Nowhere does the meaning of organization mean that everything has to be perfect.  In fact, if everything was perfect in your home that only means that no one lives in that home. Right?

The real definition of organization, no matter how many other sources tell you otherwise, are:

  1. Arrange into a structured whole; order: “organize lessons in a planned way”.
  2. Coordinate the activities of (a person or group) efficiently

So the next time you start organizing your home, don’t shoot for perfection just shoot for progress!!!

You don’t have to own a label maker, fancy stickers, or even a whole lot of bins and baskets to start out with. Just start with what you have and get rid of the unnecessary items so that you can easily get to and use the necessary items.

That’s what true organizing is.

Motivation for PROGRESS not PERFECTION

Remember… We’re Breaking the Chains of Life’s Frustrations and Chaos and Soaring to Freedom

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