“Open Those Containers” Do What Works For You

All to often we picture being organized as having cute, labeled, closed containers filling up every room so nice and neat.
But what if you’ve tried that whole scene and it’s just not working for you? Do you start to think of yourself as never being an organized person and just giving up?
DON’T…You may just need to do it a little different, which is not a bad thing at all.
Have you ever tried leaving your containers open so that it’s not so difficult to just put things away right away?

If things are too hard to put away we tend to leave those things either undone or last on our lists to do. And I am a person that likes to make things easy so that it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to do.

So as you go through my home you will see a lot of open containers. I have also found that it works well with my children as well.

Some examples of containers that I leave open are…

-In the bathroom is my changing table which holds two of my children’s clothing on it. Each of them have three boxes each having their clothing in it. I leave them open because it’s just easier to grab clothes out after baths or changing and put laundry away without having to mess with lids getting in the way.

-Toy bins for my kids are left open so they can easily get their toys out and put them away again without any lids that either get stuck or pinch their little fingers.

-In my cabinets where I keep plastic storage containers for food, there are two open containers where I keep the different size lids. Who wants to be leaned over with the blood flowing to their heads while trying to get in and out of closed containers trying to find one item. Not me!!!

Please don’t spend another moment complicating your life with lids.

If closed lids don’t work for you just simply slide the lid under the container and leave it at that.

But by all means if they work for you an serve their purpose well in your home that’s great, but for those of us who need something a little different, give open containers a try.

What works for you?
I would love to hear from, just leave a comment below.

Remember… We’re Breaking the Chains of Life’s Frustrations and Chaos and Soaring to Freedom.

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