Clutter and Health: How Are They Related?

Are there links between your health and how organized you are?

Does your home and the clutter in it really effect the way your body feels?

10 ways a cluttered home can be health hazardous to you…

1)  How many times have you tripped over something(s) in the middle of your floor which took you sailing across the floor and taking a harsh landing? How bad did that clutter hurt your body or health.

2)Do you really need to get those fire detectors in your home checked, but because of the amount of clutter in your home you are too ashamed to have someone come in? Can this cause problems to your health or your loved ones in your home? Of course it can, in so many ways.

3)Do you lay awake at night worrying over who might come visit your cluttered home unexpected or finding a crucial piece of paper that is needed for important documents? So there you have it once again, your body is not getting the rest it needs to be healthy and properly functioning. You are now sleep deprived.

4)How is your bank account looking to you or are you already in stress mode because you can’t find those unpaid bills that you need to pay before the end of the day or there will be more late fees put through to your account? How does your body respond to stress? I suspect not very well and actually I believe that is a proven fact.

5)What happens when you or a loved one needs medical assistance in your home but you are too ashamed to call 911 just because of all the clutter in the way? Are you going to take matters into your own hands and play as the doctor what happens when you do something wrong or prolong medical attention? Anything could happen even death, does that have any thing to do with your health? Sure does.

6)What about mold, mildew, and out of date foods that come in contact with you and your family every day? You may not see them but that doesn’t mean that they are not there. So what are these types of things doing to your body? Well, there is trouble breathing, food poisoning…Do you get the idea?

7)What about the fact that you don’t invite or get invited to other friend’s and family’s homes, by your choice of course, because your house is so cluttered and unorganized? Does that give you the feelings of loneliness or depression? I’m sure it does if you really think about it. How does depression effect your health? My guess, not very well.

8)Does your spouse disapprove of how much clutter is in your home? Is that putting stress on your marriage? Here we go again into stress on your body again, it’s just not good for you.

9)How cluttered is your kitchen? Have you wanted to start eating healthier for health reasons, maybe to lose weight or for better cholesterol? Are you able to easily prepare healthy meals for you and your family or do you constantly settle for fast food and t.v. dinners that are far from healthy? What is this doing to your health?

10)How about that expensive exercise equipment that you bought not too long ago in attempt to get your body in shape? Is it piled high with clutter, used as a coat rack, or at this point you can’t even find it. Maybe you even forgot that you bought it. Not getting enough exercise each day could potentially be eating away at your health.

Now that you have read this do you have a better understanding as to how clutter can effect your health?

If you have any comments just leave them below, I would love to hear them.

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