Causes and Effects of Disorganization

Disorganization can turn someone’s world absolutely upside down and be a barrel full of stress and chaos to a person involved in it.

Are you surrounded by disorganization?

What are some root causes of disorganization?

Disorganization may stem from different life changing events or a change in the way you think.

Such as…

  • a loss of a friend or family member
  • accidents that may have caused brain injury
  • an addition to your family
  • illness or pain
  • depression
  • merging households
  • change in mind sets (some cases a just don’t care mindset)
  • bad habits that have been taught to you since childhood
  • or ones that you have developed over the years.

What effects may come from disorganization?

Being stuck in a continual cycle of disorganization may cause you to become…

  • depressed
  • lonely
  • stressed
  • financially burden
  • failing relationships
  • health issues
  • feeling less confident in yourself
  • and a person with an all around attitude of just not caring any more

Resulting in the levels of stress and chaos in your home sky rocket to the moon all the time causing your blood pressure to also sky rocket giving you health issues to deal with on top of whatever else you may be facing in life.

How does the environment we live in contribute to disorganization?

There are so many ways that the world around us contributes to disorganization in our homes and lives.

Such as…

  • friends and family giving unwanted gifts
  • them telling you what you need to spend your money on
  • t.v. adds and magazines telling us that we need certain items to “belong”
  • people telling you that you need more “stuff” to make you organized
  • new “must have” products
  • sale items
  • keeping up with the “Jone’s”
  • new clothes, shoes, and etc. to keep up with the seasons and styles
  • upgrades, there will always be something that makes it bigger and better
  • got to have the newest
  • credit cards

The question I have for you to think upon today is… are you going to continue to let disorganization and the world around you control your life any longer? Or are you going to cut it out of your life one step at a time so that all along the way you can start to find out who you really are and shine as a person again?

Me personally, I would like to see you shine so that the loved ones around you can see the person behind all of that disorganization, come to love you more and more each day, and be inspired by the accomplishments that you are making every step of your life.

Do you want or need a little boost or motivation to help you break through this ever continuous cycle of disorganization?

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I would love to have you join along with so many others on our journey of getting rid of disorganization one step at a time.

To Your Success,

Remember… We’re breaking the chains of life’s frustration and chaos and soaring to freedom!



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