Paper Clutter… Stressing You To The Max?

Your eyes start bulging and your head begins to throb just by looking at the mounds of paper clutter that surrounds you.

You have kid’s school papers and projects of all sorts and sizes, spouse’s important papers from work, doctor visit documentation, medication prescriptions and directions, grocery ads, newspapers, flyers, bills… it all just keeps piling in without any extra effort.

It just keeps stacking up to make what appears as a mountain or even worse a volcano that’s just about to erupt with any sudden movement. And it’s all over your counters, table, coffee tables, couch, basically anywhere that has a flat surface is now covered in piles of paper clutter.

With papers coming in from all directions at a never ending pace with no where to put them, why wouldn’t you be stressed to the max.

You just have too much paper clutter and nowhere to put them…well besides stacking it up even higher on the piles… but that’s not a real solution.

You’re probably feeling as if this will never end.

Well, the truth is, incoming paper clutter will never end but you can put an end to the piles of papers and have a plan for the papers when they enter your door.

3 Basic Steps to Organize your Paperwork

(Make sure you look below and read the tips)


1)  Sort

Go through all of your papers first. Keep a big trash bag next to you so that you can throw away what you don’t want, easily. You can always go back to your bag later and shred or recycle any papers that need to be. It’s also a good idea to keep a big box next to you to put your keep papers in so that you don’t get them confused and have to resort. In turn wasting time.


2) Group

When all you have left is what you plan on keeping then you will begin to group. I recommend using several smaller boxes or even bags to group your papers into different categories.

Take all of your papers and put them into categories.



Make homes for your categories by using Filing Cabinets, Accordion Files, or a Legal Filing Box.

Put action to all incoming paper taking care of each piece right away.


Tip: How long to keep documents?

(here are a few websites to check out for how long to keep documents)

Roadmap for Important Papers

Managing Household Records

How long to keep financial records


Action…If you don’t have a whole day set aside without distractions then I recommend setting aside about 15minutes a day to go through just one stack and organize that stack completely.

If you have any tips or anything that you would like to share about getting through stressful paper clutter, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

Remember…We’re breaking the chains of life’s frustration and chaos and soaring to freedom!

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