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Hello All,

Sarah Smith here to tell you a little about myself and why I do what I do.

Organizing has been my passion ever since I was little. I always had to have everything in place and not a spot of dirt anywhere and that’s how my home is today. Everything has a spot which means nothing is ever out of place at any time and you will never see dirt or dust poke its head out at any moment.

Just Kidding!!!

Okay, I think that this picture of a home only exists in photo shoots for magazines because that is not at all what happens in my home. Maybe it does in your home and if so maybe I should connect with you to get some tips.

This is how my home really happens…
I have five children that are currently all under 9 years of age. Each one is full of energy that can’t be measured, always curious about everything, and therefore, always pulling things out and experimenting with them. Things usually don’t get put back, things get lost, and we are very busy doing something at all times.

We have experienced clutter and the chaos that comes with it and trust me, if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed then, just add a heap of cluttered chaos in the midst of your home and you’ll have a sunken battleship.

That’s exactly where I started and I am now growing new skills and finding new habits to make our home more livable. That’s right, I said livable not perfect.

Oh yeah, just curious, have you ever wondered what that sticky stuff was that you just felt under your kitchen chair? Well, I have, and depending on the day I might just leave it to be a mystery.

My home is definitely lived in and we use it for everything we do. It’s the place that we stick our roots in and grow out from there.

So if you want a picture perfect home, you are in the wrong spot, wrong website, and may even the wrong world, but if you want to be able to get rid of extra clutter, make your home run easier, and keep it running smoother (yes, I said smoother not less sticky) then you’re in the right spot.

There is nothing fancy here just really cool ideas, suggestions, and tips to keep your family flowing through your home with less chaos.

You will often see that I use what is practical, useful, and what just plain and simply works for me and my family and that’s exactly what I will be offering you.



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