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A Great Inexpensive Way to Organize Toys

When it comes to toys in the home they usually find themselves everywhere but where they are suppose to be. Have you ever thought that just maybe there might be some truth to the movie Toy Story? Especially finding toys in the fridge, your shoes, cabinets, or maybe even taking a mud bath in the back yard.

Well in my home it seems as though we are always needing to find new ways of storing toys. So I will work through the three Steps with you as I did with my toys. Read More…

What is Success…


“DR. KOST”… Helping You Gain Productivity In Your Decluttering Process

I think we are all in search of some way or another to get more energy, especially those of us who have children.

We want to be productive people so that we even have time and energy to spare. That would be so great wouldn’t it? Read More…

“D.R. K.O.S.T.”… What Does This Acronym Mean?

How Can It Help Me Get Decluttered?

“D.R.K.O.S.T.” will give you a clear plan and keep you focused while sorting through your clutter. It gives you six clear options or categories to divide your items into. Read More…

The Real You is Found in Your Piles of Clutter

When you start sorting through your piles of clutter you’ll start finding out more about yourself through each item that’s in each pile that you sort through.

You can reveal who you are, what your likes and dislikes are, what traditions you still keep, and even find out why you stack things the way you do.

In finding out who you are and what patterns you already usually make in your home can really help in the organizational process that follows the sorting process. It gives you those solutions that usually people struggle with and become very overwhelmed with. Read More…