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“DR. KOST”... Helping You Gain Productivity In Your Decluttering Process

I think we are all in search of some way or another to get more energy, especially those of us who have children. We want to be productive people so that we even have time and energy to spare. That would be so great wouldn't it? Well, it can happen, in the ...

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“D.R. K.O.S.T.”... What Does This Acronym Mean?

How Can It Help Me Get Decluttered? “D.R.K.O.S.T.” will give you a clear plan and keep you focused while sorting through your clutter. It gives you six clear options or categories to divide your items into. D -Donate R -Relocate K -Keep O -Others Belongings S -Sell T -Trash / Recycling D.R.K.O.S.T. also goes a step further ...

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Sorting is a Key When Decluttering

The sorting process is key to becoming organized. It is essentially the starting point to regain your family and your focus in life. In the process of thinking through what you want to keep in your home,or what you can give up and really live better without it, helps in all ...

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3 Ways Clutter Can Benefit You?

3 Ways Clutter Can Benefit You?

So often, when we think of getting organized we automatically want to run out to the store and buy the latest and cutest containers and colorful labels to put on those containers. However, in order for you to truly become organized and maintain that organization, you have to declutter your ...

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Is Your Home Cluttered?

Is Your Home Cluttered?

We usually take a look at those gorgeous photos found in catalogs or on TV. and wish that our homes looked just like those do. Well, I'm here to tell you that unless you find a genie in a bottle it's just not going to happen. I have all the proof for ...

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3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today:  Step #3… Put it Where it Belongs

3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #3... Put it Where it Belongs

Have you ever picked something up and wondered to yourself how did this get in here? Actually just tonight right before I sat down to write, I had one of those moments, well actually my husband did and we both got a great laugh out of it. Earlier today my husband gave ...

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3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #2… Decide

3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #2... Decide

Now this step will be a little more difficult as most decisions are, but not at all impossible to accomplish, so get that thought out of your head before it plants itself there permanently. This step is what will keep most people from becoming decluttered, but really shouldn't because it's not ...

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3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #1… Pick It Up

3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #1... Pick It Up

What are some motivational reasons for wanting to pick things up to begin with? - That item causes you to be frustrated - That item doesn't belong there. - You don't want that item any more. - That item may need to be fixed. - You use that item in another room completely. - That item ...

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3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today

3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today

In my experience in decluttering my own home the “what” has always been easier than the “how.” In one way or another I always knew “what” needed to be decluttered. Whether it was by the kid's toys overflowing in the hallways, stacks of mail taking up any given counter, or not ...

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How to Have a More Focused Day

How to Have a More Focused Day

Being a stay at home mom usually requires a lot of attention on lots of different things throughout your day. You have breakfast, lunch, dinner, laundry, practices, schooling, playtime, cuts and scrapes to mend, fights to break up, toys to share... my goodness if I don't stop now I won't get ...

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Organizing your pantry will eliminate hours on cooking, cleaning, and putting away groceries.

This may seem like it will take hours and who knows it might but after it’s organized you will cut off an endless amount of hours searching, digging, finding, and all around frustration.

  1. Take every item out of your pantry and sort all items into like piles.

  2. Dispose of all the out of date items and items you won’t use and wipe down your pantry.

  3. Return items to your pantry using storage solutions and keeping in mind to keep like items together.

If you have already organized your pantry or are in the process of doing it

and would like to share how the process went for you or if you have any great ideas or tips you would like to share,

I would love to hear from you.

Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization

Before opening those windows to let some fresh air in, get those stacks of paper organized and under control!

It’s springtime and it’s time to get those windows open to let that fresh air come in and refresh our homes from a winter of being closed in.

But take warning if you have stacks of papers piled up high around you and cluttering up your home, opening those windows are going to cause a whirlwind of paper chaos.  So before you do let’s eliminate some paper frustrations.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to quickly make those piles turn into something that works for you and is a lot less messy.

3 Easy Steps to Eliminate piles of paper clutter

1)Sort through those papers.

  • Throw away any papers or things you don’t need or want.
  • Use boxes or bags to keep papers together while sorting.
  • Make sure that if others in your household receives mail that you get them involved in the sorting process so that you both are clear on what to do with their mail going forward.


2)Make categories for them and file them.

  • Your categories might sound a little like these; Money, Family, Hobbies, Business, Contacts, Medical, etc.. These are just a few examples of what you might have as categories.
  • Find a way to file that suits your personality, whether it be filing cabinet or cubby holes.
  • Label your categories
  • File your papers

3)Make an incoming outgoing system.

  • In order to keep these papers from piling up on you again you have to have a system in place for papers coming into the home and going out of the home.
  • You will need about 5 cubby holes, baskets, or totes just something that will hold your mail and papers without problem.
  • Put these containers in the place where you normally put your mail when you come in so it’s natural for you.
  • When you receive mail or papers you will go to your containers and just drop them in the right category for that piece of paper.
  • Your categories for incoming and outgoing might look like this; to file, to do, for others, financial, reading material, etc…….

I recommend setting a time everyday or just once a week to go through your incoming and outgoing bins just to make sure that you are taking action on what needs to be done with those papers. Such as filing if they need to be filed, reading some of the reading material, doing the to do’s, giving the papers that belong to someone else, and paying the bills.

This might seem overwhelming to begin the paper organizing process, but use the motivation step to see how you will actually benefit from having this system in place.

I am interested in hearing how you tackled paperwork clutter and what worked and didn’t quite work for you, or if you have any creative ideas you would like to share I would love to hear about them.

Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization

Motivation to have an Organized Pantry

Let’s get motivated to take that cluttered pantry and turn it into an organized pantry.

Just imagine going to the pantry and within five minutes having all of the ingredients out and ready to use. Dinner would then be a snap to make and just think of the time being saved that could be enjoyed doing something other than searching, digging, breaking, and cleaning. That would be a great stress free feeling to have, plus it’s also taking the next step of having an organized life.

Do you have any stories or thoughts of motivation for getting an organized pantry that you would like to share?  If you do it would be great to hear from you and it might just motivate the rest of us who need that little extra encouragement to get started on decluttering our pantries today.

Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization

Frustrations with an Unorganized Pantry

Here are some examples of Frustration with an Unorganized Pantry

Walking into the kitchen and looking for dinner ideas maybe easy for some to do but for others it might be feel a bit more overwhelming. The cluttered pantry is stuffed to the max with things that haven’t been seen or touched in years. In fact the door won’t even close all the way. So how does a person find, prepare, and serve a meal this way?

Well it starts by searching endlessly in the unorganized pantry for the one item that was supposedly in there. Meanwhile, while digging for ingredients, an avalanche effect starts. Those unidentified looking glass jars start crashing to the floor, making yet another job to be done.

Having an unorganized kitchen and cluttered pantry is not easy to be used and adds hours to making meals and it seems almost impossible to restock and find a place to put new groceries.

Do you have frustrations within your pantry?  Please share them I would love to hear from you.

 Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization



“Be Prepared” Baby Diaper Organizing Solutions

Get those baby diapers organized and ready to use.

This organizing solution for baby diapers also is great for letting you know when you are getting low on diapers.

If you have any other creative ideas for baby changing stations that you have seen or use I would love to hear about them.

Tips to Declutter Kitchen Counters


Counter tops are very important to use in the kitchen

but sometimes can become cluttered with anything and everything that may enter the kitchen.

So I encourage you to take the time to declutter your counters so you can use them easier.

If you don’t know where to start just follow some of these tips to get you started.

  1. Take all unnecessary or unused items off your counters.

  2. Only keep on them what you use on a daily basis.

  3. Move any stacks of paper or mail off the counters and sort them into either a basket or other incoming/outgoing storage solution.

  4. If your the type of person that likes to have candles in the kitchen,(usually on the counter tops) maybe reconsider going vertical with them and hang them on the wall.

  5. If you have a collection of cookbooks, I recommend sorting through them and get rid of the ones you don’t use and find a different home for them besides your counter tops.
    (Use the inside of your cabinets to store some of these things.)

   If you are taking the time to clean off your counter tops and have some great ideas and motivation for others who are doing the same please share them with us.  I would love to hear how you are Step’n Up Organization.

A Great Way to Use a 9 Cube Organizer


This is a great idea for storing children’s toys.

My husband and I have four children ages 1-6 years of age and we were looking for a easy way to keep the children’s toys organized and separate but in one room. My husband did some searching and found these bright colored storage totes from Amazon.com.  So he ordered two totes for each child.  Then we found this 9 cube organizer from Wal-Mart. The two went together perfectly and each child has a space for his/her toys.  They are very light weight and can pull out and put away their toys at any time.   They also each know where their tote belongs.

This was a great success for us.

My husband found a great idea, so remember when organizing, to get ideas from your family and seeing what will work for them.

If you have any other great ideas for storing kid’s toys I would love to hear them.

Keep Step’n Up Organizing

Using 3 Steps

Frustration, Motivation, and Organization


Neat Organizing Ideas for the Inside of Cabinets

If your refrigerator is like mine it has taken on the appearance of an art gallery.  All those precious pictures get posted right up in front to be seen by all.  However lately every time you open and close the doors to prepare meals they just keep flying off like airplanes leaving you chasing after them.  Sometimes this can leave you silently chuckling to yourself or it can be a little frustrating.

Here are some really neat ideas for using the inside of your cabinet door to organize those creations of art!

You simply take the inside of your cabinet doors and line them with sheet metal or cork board.  Then you can either use magnets or tacks to hold things in place.

Not only can you display art but you can also organize coupons, recipes, to do lists, phone #’s, calendars, the possibilities are endless, so be creative.

Having organized kitchen cabinets will keep your kitchen decluttered also.

If you try this or have already used this idea, I would love to hear how it works for you and to hear some creative ideas for what you use it for.

Keep Step’n Up Organizing!!!!
Using 3 Steps
Frustration, Motivation, and Organization




Tips to an Organized Kitchen

A clear, functional, inviting kitchen is not only for the cook in the family, but for the whole family.  The kitchen can be one of the best rooms in your home and usable for almost any activity such as game night, parties (of all ages), baking, reading, art, playing with toys, and romantic evenings.  The list can go on and on.  So if you want to truly get all the potential that a kitchen has to offer, here are some great ways to get started.

    Tips to an Organized Kitchen

  • Keep your kitchen simple and usable.
  • Clear counter tops and table tops of any nicknacks or dust collectors. ( You can always add decorative shelves or other creative ways to display those favorite things.)
  • Get rid of those things you do not use or things that don’t even belong in the kitchen. ( Take a look at what you have in your kitchen. Is there anything in there that you look at and wonder how it even made it’s way into the kitchen? That probably means it should not be there.)
  • Take a look at the furniture in your kitchen. Is it really working for you or should you explore some other options as to what may work better for you.
  • If children are using the kitchen, making it kid friendly should be a high priority.  Scan the area and really look to see what is in the kitchen that you don’t want little hands getting into and either remove them or find a storage solution that will keep them away from potential harm.
  • Sometimes we use the same space over and over but it’s really not working the way we need it to.  So I encourage you to really take a look at what other spaces you could possibly use that you hadn’t seen before. ( It might seem strange to do this but this is how I ran across some of my best organizing solutions. )

So those are some great tips to get you started on an organized kitchen