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Motivational Monday- What is “Organization”?

What is “organization” and what does it mean to “be organized”? Usually a lot of us get the picture in our heads right away about those magazine pictures of organized rooms. Rooms that have obviously never had children in them and probably never lived in as well. Well, this is all good and well if […]


Motivational Monday

Take action! It’s Monday again, and you are probably rushing around doing last minute back to school preparations. I just wanted to give you a quote to think upon this week and I hope that it helps you to have a more productive week. “Never confuse movement with action.”              […]


How To – Stay Organized From Kitchen to Picnic – Part 1

The weather is just absolutely perfect for a picnic outside with your family this spring. Whether it be a picnic, BBQ, or a family get together, we usually want everything to run smoothly and be organized. Let’s talk this week about how to stay organized, from preparing your food in the kitchen to sitting on […]