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“Keep Out” Eliminating Chaos and Clutter

I watched as my one year old tore into what she thought was an amazingly appealing envelope that we received in the mail. She ripped it all to shreds and was so fascinated with what was inside it, that she also sparked an interest in my seven year old. By the time they were both done, […]


A Life of Frustration ( Seen on film)

Here is a great example of FRUSTRATION and it’s one of my favorite movies. Do you ever organize things like Irma? Does that leave your boss, family, or even yourself lying on the floor kicking and screaming? This is frustration 101!!! Can you remember a story from your life that you would like to share […]


Organizing Item of the Week – April 16th

Okay, this week’s “Organizing Item of the Week” is a little different but I will explain why. This week we are going to be talking all about Frustration. It’s not going to be as rough as it seems and actually we will use it for our benefit instead. Frustration is the first step up to […]