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Organized Home: A Place For Winter Coats

My favorite part of the year is fall/winter. I love the fact that it gets cooler out which means my family has an extra reason to snuggle together, drinking hot cocoa, watching some of our favorite movies. It’s so much fun to get out those fall/winter clothes and shoes and see how cute the kids […]


Organized Home: Is The Size of Your House the “Real” Problem?

Do you have to have a certain size house to have an organized home?   It’s usually a thought that comes into our heads at least once a week maybe even once a day. “If I just had a bigger house I would have more space and less clutter filling it up. I could really […]


Motivational Monday- What is “Organization”?

What is “organization” and what does it mean to “be organized”? Usually a lot of us get the picture in our heads right away about those magazine pictures of organized rooms. Rooms that have obviously never had children in them and probably never lived in as well. Well, this is all good and well if […]