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6 Easy Tips for an Organized Kitchen

Do your kids want to bake? How about paint? Do you like cooking or playing games?  The kitchen can be one of the best rooms in your home and usable for almost any activity such as game night, parties (of all ages), baking, reading, art, playing with toys, and romantic evenings.  The list can go […]


Way Cool Kitchen Gadgets For You and Your Kids

  Does your little one like helping you in the kitchen? Sometimes we can’t quite just hand over our grown up utensils and expect them to use them. Here are some great kitchen gadgets for you to take a look at and let your kids get creative in the kitchen.   Banana Slicer


Neat Organizing Ideas for the Inside of Cabinets

If your refrigerator is like mine it has taken on the appearance of an art gallery.  All those precious pictures get posted right up in front to be seen by all.  However lately every time you open and close the doors to prepare meals they just keep flying off like airplanes leaving you chasing after […]