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“Keep Out” Eliminating Chaos and Clutter

I watched as my one year old tore into what she thought was an amazingly appealing envelope that we received in the mail. She ripped it all to shreds and was so fascinated with what was inside it, that she also sparked an interest in my seven year old. By the time they were both done, […]


School paper chaos into School Papers you can Treasure

Every day that your child has class, they will probably have a stack of papers to bring home to mom and dad. So what do you do with all of those, oh so precious papers? You really can’t keep them all because if you did your home would be a sea of school papers, not […]


Before opening those windows to let some fresh air in, get those stacks of paper organized and under control!

It’s springtime and it’s time to get those windows open to let that fresh air come in and refresh our homes from a winter of being closed in. But take warning if you have stacks of papers piled up high around you and cluttering up your home, opening those windows are going to cause a […]