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“DR. KOST”… Helping You Gain Productivity In Your Decluttering Process

I think we are all in search of some way or another to get more energy, especially those of us who have children. We want to be productive people so that we even have time and energy to spare. That would be so great wouldn’t it?


“D.R. K.O.S.T.”… What Does This Acronym Mean?

How Can It Help Me Get Decluttered? “D.R.K.O.S.T.” will give you a clear plan and keep you focused while sorting through your clutter. It gives you six clear options or categories to divide your items into.


3 Easy Steps to Start Decluttering Your Home Today: Step #3… Put it Where it Belongs

Have you ever picked something up and wondered to yourself how did this get in here? Actually just tonight right before I sat down to write, I had one of those moments, well actually my husband did and we both got a great laugh out of it. Earlier today my husband gave our two year […]